Handmade leather goods from Devon

From a workshop close to Britain’s last traditional oak bark tannery, in the heart of the rolling Devon countryside, Devon Leather specialises in quality hand stitched bags and belts.

Using traditional harness-making techniques and hand-stitching, vintage tools, and the finest leather, most of which is made in Devon by a process little changed since Roman times, we are proud to offer products which are nearly entirely made in England from start to finish.

Many of our designs are based on vintage accessories. Liz Pannell, who originally trained as an artist before becoming a leatherworker, takes inspiration for her designs from leather goods that were widely used in all walks of life- for both work and leisure- offering durability and a timeless style, and says;

“I derive a huge amount of pleasure in making objects of beauty, but that also are functional, and can be used in daily life. We have a heritage of skills and craft that cannot be matched by mass-production, and is in danger of being lost. It is my aim to source most, if mot all of my materials from as locally as I can, thereby reducing ‘leather-miles’, and to use materials that are as made as traditionally as possible- using natural processes. The leather I use not only looks great and smells like real leather, but will often improve with age and use.”

The leather that we use is often full-grain, which includes all the natural marks and imperfections, so that every item is truly unique.