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Belt up! How to get your size right

 Ordering a belt can be a confusing affair as your belt size is not the same as your waist measurement. Read on for the best way to choose a belt that will fit! Take your existing belt and measure the length from the turn of the leather at the buckle end to the hole mostContinue Reading


With several belts made and just waiting for loops, it was time to crack on and get some made. Now all that’s left to do is cutting the belts to length and punching the holes.  It’s a fiddly job and has usually been the bit about making belts that I’ve enjoyed the least, but afterContinue Reading

The Wild South-West of England

Being a peaceful sort, it felt a little strange to be making a cartridge belt, but I have seen it as something of a challenge.  Made with English oak bark bridle leather. With hand stitched open loops, each stitched individually with waxed linen thread, this bespoke belt recycles the customer’s own buckle and accommodates 12Continue Reading

The Mother of Invention

It’s been a wee while since I last posted news from Devon Leather HQ, partly because there’s been so much to do, but also (ok, mostly) because I had temporarily mislaid the website login details. (Thankfully located, after a week of frantic searching, in a ‘safe’ place). Anyway, as I recently had a wedding invitation,Continue Reading

Off to California!

No, not me- but one of these fellas, our Velo Vintage Tool Roll is, as we speak, (assisted by the wonders of modern aviation), winging it’s way across to USA. Now, if they could just send some of their warm sunshine back….  Continue Reading

Vintage style Tool Roll

Cycle in style with our hand stitched leather tool roll. Our design has been developed in partnership with the rather lovely chaps at Velo Vintage, and with traditionally tanned  full grain English leather, each tool roll is individually numbered, has all the natural marks and imperfections of real leather, and is truly unique. Attached toContinue Reading

We’re Live!

Hello and a big warm welcome to Devon Leather! We’re very excited to have our shiny new website up and running, and products also now on sale on our Etsy page- our very own virtual market stall- please follow the link and check out what’s currently available. You can also get updates of what we’reContinue Reading