Colours Ordering a belt can be a confusing affair as your belt size is not the same as your waist measurement. Read on for the best way to choose a belt that will fit!

Take your existing belt and measure the length from the turn of the leather at the buckle end to the hole most often used (you should be able to tell this easily from the wear marks). This length is longer than your waist as your belt goes over the top of your clothing. It also depends on how low on the hip you wear your jeans. Do not include the buckle in this measurement as they vary in size.

Alternatively, pass a tape measure through the loops of the jeans or trousers and measure all the way around.

If this isn’t possible to do- take your waist measurement and add three inches.

Now, the sizes that I generally keep in stock are: 33″, 35″, 37″, 39″. If your measurement falls between two measurements choose the larger of the two (this also leaves room for cake).

Now you just need to decide how wide you want it (some suit trousers have narrow loops), and the colour. Currently Devon Leather has a choice of three traditional colours:

  • Australian Nut- a warm mid brown,
  • Dark Stain Full-grain Oak Bark- one of my favourite leathers- thick, heavy-weight, strong and hard-wearing, with all the natural variations in colour, a lighter more golden- brown than the Australian Nut, and
  • Black- traditional harness leather,

And your buckle:

RectangularPhoto0040 or oval oval

Do take care when choosing a belt by the buckle- the leather might last, but often it is a cheap buckle that ends the useful life of an otherwise decent belt- plating wears off or tarnishes, and they are often are riveted in place rather than stitched. It is the hand-stitching that also sets a quality belt apart. Stronger than machine-stitching, our beeswax coated linen thread holds the buckle firmly in place.

So there it is. Follow this guide and your belt should fit you, with a couple of holes on either side should you shrink, or expand!