It’s been a wee while since I last posted news from Devon Leather HQ, partly because there’s been so much to do, but also (ok, mostly) because I had temporarily mislaid the website login details. (Thankfully located, after a week of frantic searching, in a ‘safe’ place).

Anyway, as I recently had a wedding invitation, and having purchased a hopefully suitable frock, I realised that my trusty Devon Leather satchel was not going to be quite right as an accessory, and something a little more dainty was needed. I only possess one clutch bag, and it is the wrong colour. Now, I like a bag that you can fit everything you could possibly need in an emergency (jumper, umbrella, spare socks) and a shop-bought clutch bag usually has no room for login details, nevermind anything else. Time to make a bag for myself, methinks, slightly larger than the average clutch, but still room for the socks.

I have a little of this lovely soft dark brown dyed-through leather left over from my first satchel, so thought this would go rather nicely with my much loved Chuckles Shoes, also handmade in Devon, so with a bit of time to make a prototype from card, and then a pattern, I came up with this little gem.

Devon Leather Envelope Clutch, with keyrings for scale.

Devon Leather Envelope Clutch, with keyrings for scale.

It’s not always easy finding the right bag, but when you do, you want it to last. Classic styles never go out of fashion, and my intention is to make bags that will be used for many years, and often get better with age. It gives me a huge amount of satisfaction to know that these bags, if looked after properly, cleaned occasionally with saddle soap, and oiled with a suitable leather cream now and again, could be around a lot longer than I will!

If you need a bag, and can’t find one that’s quite right for you, do get in touch, and I would be happy to discuss your needs, and see if I can help.